MusiConsulting provides services to cultural organisations in the world of music. We step in with solutions at key moments of interaction between you and your audiences and target groups. MusiConsulting can manage your print production for materials such as programme booklets, season brochures and customer magazines, taking care of everything from project management, content creation and graphic design right through to printing. We can tailor your website and social media presence to your specifications and keep them up to date. Our range of editorial services also includes managing composition databases, producing electronic media and supporting mobile app development. In addition, we can assist your cultural organisation with dramaturgy – researching and contextualising programmes and communicating them to audiences – with marketing and sales consultancy, and with pre-concert talks.

Integrating marketing, editorial processes, dramaturgy and graphic design, we deliver effective project management and excellent results. Combining expert music scholarship with technical and layout skills, we provide an efficient service built on a deep understanding of music.


We see ourselves as a network that brings together the right resources and experts for each project, drawing in particular on the fields of cultural management, marketing and sales, musicology and theatre studies, journalism, web design, translation, graphic design and photography/film.

Our range of services includes:

  • Managing editorial processes
  • Text creation
  • Translation
  • Layout, graphic design, print production
  • Editorial content for websites and social media
  • Consultancy and programme research/dramaturgy
  • Managing event and composition databases
  • Supporting the development of new formats (e.g. mobile apps)
  • Electronic formats (promotional films, slideshows etc.)
  • Pre-concert talks



Professionals in all branches of the arts have to meet a range of different needs while taking on a leading role in society. Increasingly complex projects, limited resources and tight frameworks are just a few of the challenges facing cultural organisations today.


Our work is guided by a desire to see as many people as possible finding joy in music. We want to put your programme centre stage and build your public presence so your events reach the widest public. Let us manage all your editorial needs for print and marketing to free up more of your own resources. This creates space for new ideas and a more productive, collaborative approach.


As lifelong music-lovers, we’ve turned our passion for concerts, music theatre and unconventional performances into careers that have both followed traditional pathways and left them behind. Between us we can draw on over 30 years of professional experience in the music business. But we’ve not become set in our ways and are always looking to learn something new. The work takes many forms because art takes many forms – and we relish that challenge.